Map View on TV versus Mobile

I’ve been looking everywhere for info on map view on the TV. My Samsung TV has a Map View but it’s definitely not syncing with the one on my phone.

The TV version is the older version.

As far as I know they are 2 completely different maps and they won’t sync as that’s not how they were designed (at least for 2023 and older TV’s). Maybe in the future they will be combined, but as of now they aren’t. There is a news article saying Samsung is going to update all TV’s from 2020-2023 to have the same firmware interface as the 2024 models ( When this happens it should allow for for the maps to sync as this feature is only available on 2024 models as of right now. For now, if you want both map views for TVs older than 2024 you will have to manual setup both. Just an FYI the one on the older TV’s is more limiting than the full app version, which allows for more customization especially in the fact of adding furniture, doors/windows, and stories connected with stairs.

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I discovered that it’s not quite syncing. The TV created each room from the app, but that’s where the similarity ends