Looking for a camera solution

I’m looking for a camera solution for home monitoring. I know this area is tricky for ST integration now and I’m ok with that. I just bought an Arlo Q camera to try out. Honestly, it’s not bad! However I find myself second guessing my choice and am looking for I put with other smart home users.

I like that the Arlo can:

  • Detect motion and then record a clip based on this for up to 2 minutes.
  • Has two-way audio
  • Has cloud storage (free to start)

However, I don’t like the fact that there is about a ~5 second delay when watching a live stream from inside the house. This is another one of those cases where even though the camera is local, I have to go through their cloud.

I also am highly turned off by the fact that I need to plug it into AC power. Therefore if I want to mount it high, to get the entire room, you see the LONG white power cable.

Therefore, I’m heavily thinking of returning the Arlo and going with Hikvision PoE. it would be a much cleaner install, a local view and from what I can see in reviews, better image quality. I would even be able to do an outdoor install as well.

However, I’m confused on what to use to monitor the system? I’m guessing there is no way of the hikvision to do motion detection? It would be a matter of setting it to record 24/7 to a server or sorts?

Any input would be appreciated!


I personally use zoneminder and have this connected to now 5 very inexpensive HD IP cams, some as low as 20pounds. But as for ST integration, I am stillworking on it