HikVision(Ezviz) Camera - Lag - Line Crossing to IFTTT to Smartthings

Hi I wonder if anyone else is having this problem and any solutions.

Scenario - I have ethernet wired HikVision cameras setup with line crossing events.

I walk up the driveway at 15:03 - Hikvision as requested does a push event to my phone confirming the line crossing event occurred. This in my view is going from camera to HikConnect account in cloud and pushing down to my iphone via its wifi/4g signal.

I have Eziviz account linked to my IFTTT account. With an IFTTT applet setup to wait for line cross advice from Ezviz. The line crossing only arrives at 15:09 into IFTTT according to the IFTTT log.

The IFTTT "That’ element then turns a virtual switch on in my Smartthings account/hub - which it does at 15:09.

So I feel that there is a fairly hefty 6 minute lag between Ezviz and IFTTT.

I use IFTTT for other services - e.g. using a web hook from a phone shortcut - I use this to get IFTTT to turn a Sonos speaker on and play a track. From start to finish - press shortcut on phone to the Sonos speaker playing takes <2seconds. So to me IFTTT is quite respectable with its speed.

So the big question - why the 6 minute delay on Ezviz transactions to IFTTT? Queue of transactions from Hikvision to IFTTT? IFTTT slow to process the requests?

Anyone with any thoughts please? I have the same issue with other cameras and it is always 5-6 minutes lag - so consistent problem.

Did you get this resolved as I too have the same issues

No - only way I have found if you want prompt stuff is to have a xiaomi PIR outside but tucked away and create actions based on this.

Many thanks for this, have you a link to buy for the pir please?

How quick does it respond through ifttt

Many Thanks

So no IFTTT - with a device handler these are straight into smart things - and even when communic ating from outside to an outside repeater (ikea Trafrei plug), the action (lights on) happens in less than a second.

You can buy via ebay but much cheaper via aliexpress - I got 5 for about £38 to UK