Using ge z wave plus toggle switch for pool light

Hi all, i pretty much have most of my house controlled using smart switches and bulbs so i want to control my pool light with one. it currently has a regular on/off toggle switch inside the pool timer box on the outside of the house. The light switch is connected to its own breaker inside that panel. I do not see a neutral, just a line, load and ground. Is there a way to tell if any of the other wiring in that box is a neutral, if they are not white or is there a way to use this z wave switch without a neutral? Thanks

Is it a light over the pool, or in the pool? Smart switches and GFCI can be an issue.

it is for a light in the pool

I’m going to be tackling this type of issue soon so will follow along. My thoughts were to interface with the pool smarts via dry contact or something along those lines and not try to switch out their direct control.

The solution I’ve been looking at is from Autelis, they appear to interface to many of the popular pool equipment vendors. Their box supports simple http get/post commands to can pretty much control all the pool stuff from lights to pumps to temp.

I know I have other http based dh’s so should be easy to create a series for pool control.

Not sure if you’re looking for full pool control but it might be the easier route.

There’s a Intermatic PE653 Wireless 5-Circuit Pool/Spa Control System driver and app on the forums, if you’re looking for a smart controller…

Did mine last year and had neutral along with line, ground and load

I’ve seem that but don’t really need it all. I just want to put in a smart switch if possible .

Ok thanks , glad to see it worked . I found the neutral today and hooked it up but still not working so I think the switch may be bad as it came from amazon warehouse deals and was opened .

I’d try the switch in a different location, somewhere inside that’s a simple single switch. There might be something else going on with your pool controller.

that is what I was going to do. thank you for all your advice.ill let you know how it goes.

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