Pool pump integration?

I have been doing a lot of research on this but still need some help. I have posted on the forum for the z wave switches I typically use (innovelli) and the pool forum (troublefreepool) with similar but different results.

Goal: to be able to control my pump on/off as well as pump speed (hi and low speed) remotely via z wave.

My pump is a 2 speed unit, not variable speed. I currently have an intermatic manual timer controlling the on/off then I wired in a spdt toggle switch to change the speed from hi to low. Worked that way for 5 years or so. The clock motor on the intermatic just went out so I am finally researching ways to automate this more rather than replacing that motor (which I know is cheap and easy.)

Here is my pump label:

Here is the current wiring setup:

The switch is a 20a spdt toggle on-off-on.

I have heard both that wiring the switch like it is is not code compliant…while others have said it is not a violation, just not an ideal way to do it.

All I want to do is be able to remotely control my pump on/off as well as my pump speed. There is no neutral into the box so I don’t know if that complicates things. The breaker box is right next to this and has 2 15a breakers (actually 3 but the 3rd is for something else) feeding.

I have found the GE heavy duty unit and that would handle the on/off but how can I address the speed and how would whatever be wired in with that?

I have also found the intermatic ca3750 which seems to be discontinued but could I use 2 of those if I can find them?

Anything else I can do?


Not having a neutral is going to make things pretty complicated. Also wanting to control the speed. Is there a neutral in the switch box that’s external to the pool pump control?

I’m going to tag a couple of people who might have some ideas.

@ogiewon @johnconstantelo @Kellina_West @guxdude @Sceptre

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Outside of the box is just the subpanel feeding the box. 3-15A breakers. I believe 2 are for the pump and the third is for the light which has it’s own switch outside of the pump location. I am not sure if the subpanel has a neutral or not but can check.

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How about something like this?

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Interesting, hadn’t seen that. I would have to get power to it. Also not completely sure how I would wire it in. I just sent a message to zooz support asking them some questions on my application.


Thanks for the tag @JDRoberts . I solved this problem myself using a pump that could take relay input without needing any smart/clocked data, just high/low. This made it relatively easy to control speed using any relay you choose. If you check my comment history you’ll find a github link if that sounds interesting, and there’s some discussion right now on that repo that talks about doing actual 2-way protocol decoding for Hayward pumps.

Innovelli does offer some options that are neutral-less, but there are some pretty specific conditions to their use if I recall correctly.

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Update on this. So far, zooz support has been great on answering my questions on the zen16. I haven’t purchased from them yet but even so they have answered all of my questions and are providing me with parts and wiring information on what I would need to do this.

According to them, the zen16 can be used to do this. I will need to add an outlet to power it as well as use 2 contactors but the relays and switches in the zen16 can then handle the on/off as well as speed control.


I have a single speed pump and control it just fine with this device. Not sure what it takes to switch speeds.

I use the zen16 mentioned by @ogiewon for my sprinkler system and it is very versatile. The people at zooz are very helpful if you email their support they may be able to tell you if you can use their device for your purpose.


Thanks. I plan to update this post once I am finished. I am currently gathering parts etc. I am using the zen16 with 3 contactors. Zooz support is fantastic. I contacted them before I even purchased the zen16 and they confirmed it could do what I wanted it to do. After I purchased they provided me a with wiring diagram and all the part numbers I would need to complete. I should have everything this weekend and will be tackling the project.

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