Using Fibaro Dimmer 2 with a Switch but No Load?

I have read elsewhere that the Fibaro Dimmer 2 should not be used without a Load.
I set one up for testing and, with a Load, it worked fine (both remotely and from a switch).
But, when I simply removed the Load (leaving Power and Neutral connected), it only worked remotely, but not from the switch.

The reason I want to use the Fibaro Dimmer 2 is that I have a few locations that are wired for a ceiling can fixture, but no fixture is currently present. So, I would like to use the Fibaro Dimmer 2 both for use if I ever add a fixture, and for current use to indicate that the switch was pressed (to invoke a scene).

Is there a way (apart from using the Fibaro Single Switch 2) to make this work (eg, using the Fibaro Bypass – which I have never tried)? I guess I could also install a small light bulb at the switch or up in the ceiling where the wires are currently unused.

Anyway - appreciate any thoughts from those with Fibaro experience.

I’ve got a setup with a switch controlled by a Dimmer 2 which is just connected to a bypass module (no other load). The Dimmer 2 controls another Dimmer 2 (via direct association) and that second Dimmer 2 is controlling a load. I did this to avoid the need to run switch wires.

The “bypass only” Dimmer 2 shows a power consumption of 0.5-0.6W when on.

Details in this thread, and this specific post:

Be wary of the warnings in that thread though - this is using the Fibaro’s outside of the their recommended minimum load.

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