Fibaro Dimmer 2 - can 1 module control multiple lights?

I’ve got a 2 gang light switch, with separate cables coming into the switch for each light.
Can a single Fibaro Dimmer 2 control both the lights?

I can’t find any example wiring diagrams that show how.


Not if you want to control them independently. If you’re happy to have them on or off at the same time then it would be OK as long as the total load is under 250W. If you want them independent the either two modules or a double switch module (FGS-223). The switch module would need a neutral and be on/off only.

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Bummer. Want to keep the independent control.
Fibaro modules, including the bypass, £60 per light… It’s a lot of money.

I need to find a cheaper way!

It is possible to do this, but not in a conventional way. You’d need a smart bulb in the second light, and then you could have the dimmer 2 turn this on and off via the hub. If you have momentary switches you could do this with S2 on a second switch, or with a double tap.

This would require making the second light permanently live, which may be undesirable. You could do the same with the first if you wanted them to match.

Bear in mind that you’d have no local control over the smart switches (internet connection required to turn on/off).

This is a great feature if you have a main light and a lamp.

In this situation though, I’d probably opt for two modules if you wanted independent control of the lights.

That’s interesting to bear in mind. I think I’d consider that for certain situations.
The light switch I’m currently looking at is for the lounge - 1 light at either end. Definitely want local and independent control.
I did chisel out a 47mm back box on it, so I could fit 2 bypass modules in there I think (no neutral), but it’s the expense of it really. £120 for the 2 modules + 2 bypass modules.

Still, I guess this clever home automation stuff isn’t cheap :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies all

It’s not cheap, but make sure you get value. The Dimmer 2 is on Amazon for a little over £40 at the moment, and many retailers (like Vesternet, who are not always cheapest but offer excellent support & info) will offer a discount for quantity if you want to kit out your whole house.

I have one 47mm backbox with 2x Dimmer 2s in it, but it’s a very tight fit!

One point to note. You dot have to install the bypass next to the module. As long as you connect the bypass across the load somewhere you’re fine. I have two lights where I installed the bypass up at the ceiling rose.

How did you get on with this after blue

I only asked the question couple of days ago, just before you posted yours really, so haven’t had time to decide what to do…but I think I’ll probably be purchasing another Dimmer 2 module, and another Bypass 2 module.
The two lights I’m controlling are two main lights in the lounge, so anything less than very reliable operation isn’t good enough. The existing Dimmer 2 I’ve got has been absolutely perfect.

I should just about be able to fit them into the backbox.
From your photo on your thread, I’m not sure you’d fit two into your backbox though - perhaps you could fit a deeper backbox like I did?
Although, looks like yours is in plasterboard. Perhaps you can make use of that space in the void to store the modules.

Might just hold on a bit see what comes out next couple of months.for me to do this now is going to cost way to much.