A new Fibaro dimmer 2 - can’t switch lights off. They come back on

I recently installed one. When I switch them off, either on SmartThings app or physically they go off then they come back on a second later. Other previously ones still work fine! Any thoughts?

What is the wattage equivalent load on that switch? A common reason for this problem is when the load is too low, typically below 50 w equivalent. In practice this is usually de-rated to 25 W if you are using LED bulbs to allow for the greater in rush current.

If it is not desirable to add a higher load to the switch, Fibaro makes a “bypass” Device which can be installed on the circuit to correct this issue. See the user manual for the dimmer 2.

So basically first check to make sure that you have at least 25 W of LEDs or 50 W of a resistant load. If not, you will probably either have to add a higher load or add the bypass device. (There are a couple of different models of the bypass device: make sure you get the one that is matched to your dimmer switch model.)

Thanks so much.
Looks like you may be right it is hovering around 25 watt level


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If I replace this dimmer with the double relay switch (fgs 222), that should avoid this problem shouldn’t it?

Yes, The relays are a simple binary on/off switch, so they don’t have the minimum load problem. The physics are different.