Using device preferences for Z-Wave device Configuaration parameters

Hi @ team!

I am currently working on a Z-Wave device with about 20 configuration parameters.
Right now I am putting them all in the profile to reduce overhead. So far OK.

But now I would like to translate them, which puts me in the following dilemma:

In fact, I can just add them via CLI, which gives me the ability to translate them - I’ve done this for other devices and it works fine. If I did that for every new device, I would mess up my settings library with a lot of mostly device-specific settings …

Is there a way or clue to avoid that? Especially with Z-Wave there is one or the other parameter that needs more explanation.

Not to mention the possibility of completely resetting the settings or synchronizing/updating with the device, as already mentioned here :wink: :point_down:

Thank you in advance.

So, If I understand correctly, you can create the device preferences and their translation through the CLI which then you call in your device profile.
But, you’re wondering if there’s a way to avoid creating each new preference in the CLI just to provide the translations?

Exactly :+1:t6:

The team mentioned that the current path you mentioned is the only way that we can define the preference’s localization. This means it cannot be configured from the driver package for example.

Ok, so I have to deal with it. Thanks for the help :+1:t6:

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