Simple way to set zwave config?

Am I missing something or is there no easy way send a zwave device configuration parameters? I’m new to Smartthings and HA in general, just bought a v2 hub and a bunch of supported zwave devices. None of them support sending config parameters with default device drivers, and I’ve had bad luck with community drivers so far.

For example, I have 2 enerwave ceiling mounted motion sensors, which I want to be able to set the motion timeout on. I found this driver:

But when I use it try to use it, the sensor gets stuck on motion detected and the only way to fix it is to exclude/re-associate with the default zwave motion driver. Maybe it’s not compatible with v2.

Seems like there should be a way to arbitrarily send a device configuration parameters (i.e. send device x parameter N, value N). At the very least if smartthings calls a device supported, it should fully support the capabilities of the device, including configuration.

Unfortunately, there are no system utilities for changing the parameter settings on individual devices as you might find in some Z wave only networks.

So people write custom device types that do nothing but add parameter settings that can be done at the The time of configure for an initial pairing. Which is annoying, but just the way it is.

If you search the forums for discussion of a particular device model, you may find it such a custom device type already exists, such as for the Fibaro multi sensor and some of the Aeon devices.

You rmight start looking in the community-created device type category. Those tend to be the most sophisticated versions:

Otherwise, if you post in the threads about the device, typically community members can help you make needed adjustments even if the original author is no longer active in the community.

As for what SmartThings should support, I had exactly the same reaction when I first started using the system. It turns out SmartThings hub is certified at the “basic” level (that’s a Z wave term) which essentially means it only has to be able to send on/off to certified devices. It does do more than that for many command classes, but it’s not required to.

They really wanted to Zigbee and zwave devices to look exactly the same to the customer, only in order to do that, there is some reduced functionality as compared to a single protocol system. You get that back in advantages like being able to combine zigbee smart bulbs and Z wave switches in the same group command from a minimote button push, but a year in there are still days when I feel frustrated by missing zwave options.