Using Default "apps" is there no way to set individual bulbs to unique settings in one rule?

So far as I can see- since the latest update broke the only usable interface for smartthings: There doesn’t seem to be any way to set a single rule that changes individual lights to individual settings.

First of all, the default light app that lets you change colors has only a small handful of default colors… which is very short sighted.

Secondly, I would like to load multiple colors at once, and in the same rule.

It’s totally BS that I have two rules set up right now, one to turn on and dim lights, and a second to turn on and change color of some of them. If I want two colors, I have to make multiple triggers? And what if I want colors that aren’t in the default 10 colors?

Is there no option now that smartthings absolutely ruined third party apps?

I’m about one week from dumping this piece of junk on ebay and switching to literally any competition that will have me.

What do you mean by this?? (SmartThings didn’t “ruin” anything, as far as I am aware.)

Over the past week, my usage of simplerulebuilder broke. I discovered that smarthings is no longer allowing you to authorize devices to it.

I don’t know if the Simple Rule Builder developer has confirmed, but I’m guessing this was caused by SmartThings disabling the “shared OAuth installation method”, which they gave everyone plenty of notice to fix (about 5 months…).

Any idea on changing lights in a less tedious way than the Smart Lighting App?