Smart Lighting: I ABSOLUTELY AM authorized

Apparently I’m not authorized to change a rule I created in Smart Lighting… I can tell you that my wife has authorized me to throw my hub out the window, however.


try logging out of the app then close it an reopen it

I find his usually happen when you change the device type of the device using that specific smart lighting instance. Only way for me to get around this is go into IDE and delete that smart lighting instance or you can email support but.

I should not have to… which is the point.


understood jsut telling you how to get past thats all


This seems like a common remedy that support offers theses days for any kind of error. This and “If that doesn’t do it, than I’d uninstall the app, and reinstall it.” What else? Throw your phone away and try a new one? :confused:


oh you have an android well get an iphone or vise versa