Suggestion for a Community App to control colors?

I had been using the Smart Lights App for about a week but ST had major problems here is the US and have really changed it. It use to store all of your Smart Lights app’s within itself if you viewed it from your General SmartApps tab. Today, they no longer do that. Not a big deal, but here is my real problem.

I bought a Lifx bulb last week and integrated it just fine with ST, Hues and GE Bulbs. Everything was fine until I bought 2 more. If I try to change the colors from within the same Smart Lights App, it only changes colors for one bulb. If I specify just 1 of the 3 in the app, it works fine for that one. Thus, I am stuck creating 3 app’s for each change I want to make.

Works fine for all 3 from the Lifx app or from IFTTT. I can turn them all on/off from a Hello routine. I just can’t include them together in the Smart Lights App. I can include 1 Lifx bulb and 3 hues, works fine. But only 1 Lifx bulb at a time.

Any suggestions as I spent all day deleting and recreating everything just to find it still won’t trigger more then 1 in the Smart Light App.