Using August Lock with ST

I know that many of you are frustrated by not being able to integrate August with ST. My question though is related to something a litte more complex. HAs anyone found a way through Smartthings, and IFTTT to make it so the door does not autolock if the door sensor shows the door as open?

On IFTTT it seems to only allow August as a trigger, not an action. Thank you for your help.

Unfortunately, at the present time there is no way to integrate them.

There is a really hacky MacGyver approach using the free yonomi app, which doesn’t talk to smart things either, but can be triggered by a WeMo switch (or I think of Phillips hue I don’t remember on that one) coming on. ( oh, and it only works for iOS.)

So, you install yonomi and give it access to a WeMo switch and August.

Now that wemo acts as a “man in the middle.” You turn it on and off and have it use yonomi to lock and unlock the August.

This has a lot of moving parts and I’m not sure how reliable it will be, but you can try it.

Here’s one community member who is using it, so you can ask follow one in that thread

I forgot to mention that yonomi is a pretty new start up and has already had some inconsistencies in its offering, so if you do go this way I think it has to be with the understanding that you might lose the Yonomi option at any time. So don’t select this if you would find it too much of a hardship if you were back to having to use August separate from SmartThings in the future.

I looked into yonomi, and I wouldn’t mind the klunky setup, but I don’t
have any Wemo switches, and I am not quite sure that I want any, honestly.
I do really appreciate the input, and I guess it is just a waiting game to
see when things will improve if at all.

I am using below solution if you have mac mini, but it take sometime to figure out how to install that