August smart lock with smartthings finally! Sorta

I DID IT!! I successfully linked my August to echo through yonomi by creating a routine that unlocks the doors in yonomi and then creating a group in the Amazon echo app and when I say “Alexa turn on unlock door” it works! Only when I’m home though! People have been trying to integrate August with the smartthings connected home for far too long, this is awesome. Now everything is connected together. Smartthings, yonomi, and Amazon echo. It’s not in the smartthings app but I don’t have to pick up my phone, fire up a new app, and unlock my door anymore!

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We should just mention that that’s a Yonomi “routine,” right? Not a SmartThings routine?

So you’ve used the Yonomi/Echo integration to give you voice control of August, but SmartThings doesn’t enter the picture except as it is also linked to Echo.

Yes that’s why I said “sorta” just glad it kind of ties the house together. Still waiting on the official integration

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Stephen, can you post how you made Alexa control August please

He’s using the free Yonomi app. See:

I got august working with smartthings via yonomi