August SmartLock (Non Z-Wave) + Connect

I can’t find any definitive info on this…

I have an August SmartLock with Connect, but I believe it is the non Z-Wave model. It was purchased July 2016. Is there really no way to get this into SmartThings directly? Connect and Hub and both on the network, so I’m guessing the missing link is an API/Code/etc?


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What’s the exact model? But, yes, you have to have the pro 3 model with Z wave to have it work smoothly with SmartThings.

Some people have tried some fairly wonky MacGyver type methods to get partial integration for earlier August models. The most reliable seems to be to use the free yonomi app and A Wemo switch to stand in as a proxy for the lock. So when smartthings turns on the switch, you could have yonomi lock the August. But it’s a very limited integration.

There are some people have tried to reverse engineer the connect for the earlier models, using a raspberry pi or a mini Mac as a server, but none of those methods seem to work very well and there’s a very real risk of killing the lock battery because of too frequent polling. The WeMo method is both simpler and more reliable.

I’m currently running the sort-of hacky server approach w/ an older August SmartLock. I don’t do polling on it really; I just assume that the door is unlocked if checking on the app and do a manual refresh. In terms of automation, the node server code I’m running does have explicit lock & unlock commands, so if want to automate arrival/departure type events that works fine and I haven’t had any issues with it at all for the past 2 years running it this way. At one point I was planning on just attaching one of the multi-sensors to the door itself and then do a refresh status call whenever it felt the door open/close to avoid polling but still keep the door always synchronized. That shouldn’t be too difficult to add to the existing DTH. If you want any info about my current set up, let me know and I can provide the server code and DTH for you to try out (you will need a bluetooth receiver in somewhat close proximity to the lock itself for this to work.)

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This would be exactly what I am looking for. I am running hassio on a linux server 15ft from the door adding a Bluetooth transmitter would be easy. This is the first place I have found any information on this. Any help you could provide would be awesome. I should mention I am not running the connect just the lock. I wouldn’t need polling really either. I’m just looking to build better presence detection. I find myself having to constantly reset auto unlock on the lock itself.

Take a look here: There are two separate projects, one is just the DTH for Smartthings. The other (the api) is what needs to run on a Node server w/ the attached BT radio. The instructions are aimed at the Raspbery Pi, but should be pretty much the same for most Linux distros. I think the hardest thing is getting the August key used for authentication from the phone. My phone is rooted, so it was pretty simple, but I never tried it on an un-rooted phone (or with a newer version of the app). If there’s anything else you need, let me know!