Using a US ST Hub in a EU Country

I understand that using a US version of the ST Hub in Europe isn’t a good idea and it just won’t work for a lot of reasons, however I still have few questions I hope someone out there has an answer for…

*For the sake of argument, let’s just say we can overcome the voltage/wattage issues

  1. Will a 904 MHz ST Hub work with a 904 MHz ST Multi Sensor within 100 feet but in a 868 MHz country? through Z-Wave?

  2. If Z-Wave won’t work, can ST Hub still communicate to other devices though WiFi only instead?

Kinda, the ST Multi is not 904 MHz zwave it’s 2.4ghz zigbee, also there is a 868 MHz zwave UK hub that is available for sale. Both the US and UK version also use 2.4ghz zigbee.

Yeah, I’ve came across Curry’s, good solutions, for some reason the price is higher than the US one… But in theory, would a 904 MHz ST hub work in a 868 MHz country within the same house range? If yes (which i doubt), what’s the hustle about different Z-Wave frequencies then…

Perhaps the right question is… will US SmartThings accessories like Yale deadbolt or Nest thermostat or Philips Hue or Webo switch work with ST Hub UK version? I assume yes because Zigbee frequency is same?