Compatibility between EU and US hub and sensor?

(Rabbalshede) #1

I live in Sweden and planing on buying a Smartthings hub, my question is how compatible is the US hub with Z-wave sensors bought in the EU?
Will the CE hub work only with EU Z-wave sensors? Or US sensors as well?
What is the difference between US and EU Z-wave frequencies?

Best regards Peter.

(Duncan) #2

@rabbalshede – No, Z-Wave devices from different frequency regions will not communicate together at all. The hub will only work with Z-Wave devices with the same regional frequency. Z-Wave works in a frequency range with better penetration and less congestion, but the drawback is that there isn’t a single frequency in that range that was available for use in all countries.

ZigBee devices, such as the SmartSense Multi, Motion, and Presence, use the same frequency in all regions, but it’s the same range as used by wifi, so there’s more possibility of interference.

(Rabbalshede) #3

@Duncan - Thank you so much for your anser, so most of the items on the “Preliminary List of Tested Devices” won’t work on the EU hub?

(Boris M) #4

Frequencies are different.