Using a smartthing device status to trigger a google routine

I have a wifi smart light switch (blitzwolf) and can successfully control the light verbally with google home, but would also like to link it to a routine when a smartthings door sensor is opened. Sadly the wifi switch isnt recognised by ST so i cant add it in the normal way.
Any suggestions?
TIA Dave

Create a virtual switch in st so that when the sensor is tripped, the switch turns on. Allow gh access to the switch. Then using a routine in gh, have the light turn on when that switch turns on. You’ll need to configure a way to turn the switch back off, so possibly another set of routines to do the off process.

Ive had a looj at that, but whislt i can get the virtual switch to appear in GH, i cant automate/routine it with the sensor as GH routines are limted to voice controls only. Am I missing something obvious?

I know Alexa has this feature but I don’t think that it’s been added to Google home yet. If it has, I like to know how to access it too.

Oh wow, I didn’t know that this wasn’t implemented in gh. I personally have all echo devices and just assumed it was the same. Sorry! You know what they say about assuming…

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Google home routines are currently limited to voice or time based. As with everything else, Alexa has some features that are better than Google and Google has some that are better than Alexa. It just depends what ecosystem works best for you.

To clarify, Alexa has support for contact sensors to trigger routines, not switches. So, if you want to do this in Alexa, you need to use a contact sensor/switch DTH.