Need help with Alexa Routines and SmartThings Virtual Device

Hi, I followed the instructions from

I installed the handlers, created the virtual devices, disabled and re-enabled the ST skill in Alexa. Alexa sees the devices…BUT…it won’t let me choose any of the virtual devices for the first part of the routine, only for the action part. I created the virtual device to control a Homemate device that works perfect with Alexa but not with ST, what can it be? Tks

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So, first things first, which device type handler are you using? :sunglasses:

Tks for the help!
I created a virtual switch, a virtual sensor and even a virtual button, none appears as an option to start the routine.

We need to know the exact DTH that you are using. In the wiki article, there is a link to a DTH that will work. Did you use that one?

Also, before I forget, what country are you in? The option to use sensors in Alexa routines is not available in all countries yet.

Yes I used that one. I do have the routines available, they work with other devices…so it should not be a country problem.

Ok, we still need to know what country you’re in.

Anyway, Alexa routines can only be triggered by a contact or motion sensor or an echo button. They cannot be triggered by a switch or a smartthings button. So you don’t have to worry about those two.

If you used the DTH in the Wiki article it should show up as two different devices in your smartthings app: a contact sensor and a switch.

You need to authorize both to be available to Alexa in the smartthings app, unless you authorized all devices.

If they are both showing up in the list of devices in the Alexa app, then you want to use the contact sensor to trigger the Alexa routine.

So first can you post a screenshot showing the virtual contact sensor in the Alexa app just so we can verify that?

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Your explanation put me in the right direction…they only show as switches in the ST app, not like contact sensors…I’ll check again if I have the latest code installed and get back at you. Tks again

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Tks a lot for your help, what happened is that I installed the right version but used some old stuff I had installed for actually creating the devices, my bad! Everyhting works now, tks a lot!!!

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