Trigger Google Assistant Routine from ST Routine?

I know how to do this with an Alexa routine using a virtual sensor or lock as the trigger. But I don’t know if there’s a comparable method for Google home.

Also, you can now use buttons and remote connected to a Phillips hue bridge as triggers for an Alexa routine through the native Hue/alexa integration. But again, I don’t know if that’s possible with Google home.

Does anyone know the answer to either of those questions. I’m trying to help the community member in the following thread:

Recommendations for best switches for 3 way control of smart can lights?

Their set up is:

  1. Samsung Frame TV with built-in hub, which is what they have their SmartThings account set up with

  2. Phillips hue Bridge

  3. friends of hue RunLessWire Zigbee green power Click switch (because this uses the green power profile, it can’t be connected directly to a SmartThings Zigbee hub, But it does connect to the hue bridge)

  4. lumary lights connected to their own hub. These work with Google home, but not with SmartThings or the Hue Bridge.

The goal is to get the switch to control the lights.

If the OP were using Alexa, it could be done with an Alexa routine as these switches are included in the native Hue/Alexa integration. (I use them myself.) but they aren’t using Alexa, they’re using Google home. So we’re looking for a method that will work with that set up.


In Google Home you can use any ST switch (physical or virtual) as a starter (trigger) in a Google Home Automation. Less complicated than Alexa.


Very good to know, thanks!

This model, the runlesswire click, is usually exposed to other platforms as a 4 button remote, so I suspect a virtual device may be needed as an intermediary, but still helpful. :sunglasses: