Using 2 different accounts coupled together (explanation inside)

I’m quite comfortable using one Jawbone Up24 and one IFTTT account together with my smartthings hub at home.

But! We’re 3 people at home… Wife, Daughter and myself… not counting any possible cats/dogs that might appear in the future…

Would it be any problem to have 2 or 3 Up24’s coupled together with the hub?

And on the IFTTT front… I was thinking of having the system have its own IFTTT account and use that for some actions, while having my own IFTTT account for other actions, and other accounts for the other 2 in the family…

How do you guys see it? Will it work? or am I just plain crazy?

Thanks for reading this far!

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If I’m not mistaken, IFFFT -> SmartThings can be a many-to-one ratio. That is, each IFFFT account can add the SmartThings channel and use the same credentials to connect ST to that IFFFT account.

The only potential issue you might run into is warring commands. For example, if you have some rule setup so that if daughter isn’t moving by 7:00am on a weekday that it turns on her lights and radio, but you also have it that if the wife is NOT moving by 7:00 it keeps the house dark and silent cause she’s sleeping in… which one wins?

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Awesome! Tried it and worked perfect first time! Thanks for the input!