Connect multiple ST hubs to IFTTT


It doesn’t seem like it’s possible to connect multiple SmartThings hubs to IFTTT. On the authorization screen you can select from the list of hubs attached to your account, but after (or before) saving the selected devices, you cannot select an additional hub.

Am I missing something or is there a workaround?



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I haven’t tried it, but there is nothing to prevent you from creating multiple IFTTT accounts - 1 per hub.

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Can you be logged into 2 different ifttt accounts on your mobile device?"

I dont think you can.

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As @Kermee points out in the above post, a work around is to operate two ITFFF accounts and two ST accounts with a hub on each account, however that defeats the purpose since we cannot be logged into ST on a mobile device with two different sets of accounts.

Does anyone have or know of any updates to this issue? Got the same problem here…


I am also having the same issue. I am a small business owner and had purchased a hub for the house. Not thinking anything about multiple location issues I purchased a second for the office to use it as a security system and statistics tracker. The Oauth issue is a mess. Ifttt isn’t the only issue but other systems like Initial State have the same issue. I am wondering if one work around here would be to custom code a smartapp to utilize the “Maker” channel in IFTTT to pass the sensor data we need back and forth. The same with the restful API with Initial State. This should get around the Oauth issue as we could individually label the sensors. Has anyone tried this?