Does IFTTT work with 2 hubs?

I want to use IFTTT with my second hub (Work) but when I access the configuration for SmartThings in IFTTT the first thing I have to do is select which hub to authorize. It says “Select One”.

So my concern is if I select my “Work” hub to set up devices from that hub it might break my currently configured ifttt integrations from my “Home” hub.

Does anyone know if both can be configured at the same time?

I believe you’ll have to create another IFTTT account for the 2nd hub.

That’s a shame because I was hoping to have a button on my work hub trigger an event on my home hub.
I wanted to use IFTTT
Trigger - Work Button Pressed (Fibaro Button)
Action - Turn on ST Switch Home

But if they are separate accounts then this will not work.

UPDATE: EVEN Two accounts doesn’t work. Just found this OLD 2014 thread which saied ST was working on fixing it so two hubs could work with IFTTT HAHA another two year old tread with support claiming something is being worked on and yet it still doesn’t work.

Use CoRE on both, setup a do piston on the home hub to turn the switch on. Setup an IF pistonon the work and have it execute a http request where the URL is the dashboard URL of the home CoRE instance, but replace “dashboard” with “execute/pistonName” where pistonName is the name of the home piston (the one that sets the switch on). Replace any spaces in the name with %20 or just don’t use any space in the name.

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It seems every question I ask these days I get told to use CoRE, haha. Guess I have to start looking into it. I have just struggled with the learning curve of setting it up.

Does CoRE use a third party site to manage devices ? I don’t see it mentioned in the Wiki but it requests some OAuth setup so I suspect it does. But I don’t understand what I am giving the OAuth to yet.

OAuth is what allows its dashboard to work and external API requests including the http request to its own /execute API endpoint, so you need it.

I understood none of that, haha. When you say “its dashboard” what is that ? And what https requests is it making, that would be my point of what site is it reaching out to? I don’t see that documented.

The dashboard is an utility that helps you see what’s going on. It is optional, but helpful. In order to get cross-hub communication you need one piston to call on the other via an HTTP request. For that, at least the receiving CoRE (the home one) needs OAuth enabled.

The dashboard:

CoRE should be the way to go, but if you really incline to use IFTTT, you should be able to do it with the IFTTT maker.

What are those buttons at the top? I haven’t seen those before.

Taps. They run pistons, find them hidden in Settings :slight_smile:


Is this just for Android (taps) or are they able to be enabled within ST’s iOS/mobile or IDE? Trying to find it but not having any luck.

CoRE’s dashboard is agnostic to mobile platform - it works on any device, but it’s inside the CoRE dashboard only.