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User Trial Opportunity: Samsung SmartThings Beta App

The SmartThings app has always been a single, easy-to-use app that connects, automates and manages all of your SmartThings-compatible appliances and electronics. Although we have created this app to be as smart and as simple as possible, demand remains high for improvements.

Samsung Electronics is thrilled to offer you the opportunity to use a Beta version of the SmartThings 2.0 app and provide feedback to us as you use the app on a daily basis.

The SmartThings 2.0 Beta User Trial will last for 3 months, beginning on 06/04 and ending on 09/04.


  1. To participate in the SmartThings 2.0 Beta User Trial, you must:
  2. Be a resident of the United States
  3. Have 20+ smart home devices connected to the existing SmartThings app
  4. Be available to participate in the SmartThings 2.0 Beta User Trial from 06/04 to 09/04
  5. Provide feedback, complete surveys, and interact with Samsung regarding the SmartThings 2.0 Beta User Trial

Click here to apply to the SmartThings 2.0 Beta User Trial.

Thank you!

Samsung Electronics Product Evaluation Team

All personal information you provide in connection with your application for the SmartThings 2.0 Beta User Trial will be treated in accordance with the SmartThings 2.0 Beta User Trial Privacy Notice and the Samsung Global Privacy Policy.


To bad you have to be a us resident…

Should this be iOS 10.X or higher? @samsungbeta


yes. Anything above iOS 10.X works.


I hope it’s more like the classic app!


Signed up!

hopefully it wont be a top secret test, would be good to hear on the forum how V2 compares to the … thing.


Looking forward to seeing this

All signed up :slight_smile:

Will custom DTH’s from the classic app be functional in the beta version?


Not so much a US resident but I signed up…

This would probably be a good area to provide feedback on through the beta.


Not willing to try it if I have to re-code my device handlers and apps.

Does this work with Voiceover? And if not, why not?

( One of the reasons that I ask is that the beta test application form does not work with voiceover. So, you know, there’s that. :disappointed_relieved:

Qualtrics provides an accessibility assessment for surveys conducted through their site. They note that not all themes are accessible.

Did you test your application form using their accessibility tool before releasing it? It should have highlighted the problems.



We are no longer accepting submissions as we are at capacity. Thank you to all who applied!