Use Zooz 800 stick/home assistant as a secondary controller to V2? Something went wrong…

No clue Glenn, I haven’t tried to include anything in ZWave on SmartThings for over a year. So with all the new changes…


One thing for sure, if it doesn’t include as a secondary you’ll never get OTA working but I don’t have a clue as to how to do it or if it’s even possible anymore…

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SmartThings has not allowed any new device to use a groovy DTH for about a month, there have been several announcements about that. So, yes, you will have to find an edge driver that works. That said, as long as it gets added to your Z wave net work and gets assigned a zwave ID, all the rest of the work will be done on the secondary side, so you may be OK Even if SmartThings thinks it’s a Dimmer. What do you see in the secondary’s software?

Once the device is listed as using a placeholder it is on the new architecture and you can no longer make effective changes to it using the DTH. If you try, it won’t work, and it would likely break the integration so that you then have to remove the device and re-add it to your account. See the FAQ:

At this point, you really shouldn’t be using the IDE for anything except maybe finding a network ID. It’s going to be shut down very soon. There’s a link at the top of the IDE pages now that tell you about the new official option.

doesn’t seem likely… sucks that ST would break the ability to support multiple controllers on a Zwave network by EOL on the DTH without a proper Edge replacement. But, we’ve all been going through this for a while now. Everything is breaking slowly but surely.

I saw a list of all devices, it seemed like it was able to pull information, but the OTA was indicating as failed on the GET for the device firmware, etc. This was the case for both DTH and Edge devices. I was never queried for a DSK, however, when the dimmer was added, and in API Browser, ST saw the device ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE, not S2_auth, so I’m guessing this is what was the issue? But, not sure how all this works, anyway…


Hmmm… I agree, I think it would need to join with S2 security to complete the firmware update.

Theoretically, smartthings staff seems to have believed that they would be able to add anything as a generic Z wave device, what they call a “z wave thing,” that didn’t match on anything else.

The problem as people have reported for various devices is that the device may match because of its listed capabilities with the wrong kind of edge driver rather than ending up as the generic Z wave device. I don’t know if you can change that to the generic driver or not. As long as it does add to the network, you should be able to go to the device details page and see which if any other drivers are available for it. However, that’s not going to fix the security level issue. So I don’t know what to tell you. Hopefully somebody else will know more.

You can certainly report it to support as a problem since it didn’t let you use the DSK.

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I have had a hard time following this thread, has anyone been able to successfully add HA w/Z-Wave stick as secondary controller to smartthings specifically for firmware updating?

Assuming you’re talking about zwavejs (there’s more than one way to use zwave with HA), I think I’ve seen somewhere that it’s not designed to play nicely as a secondary controller. I’ve previously been able to join a z-stick as secondary using Simplicity Studio.

You can also use the z-stick as a separate zwave network. Exclude the device from SmartThings, join to the z-stick for the firmware update, then exclude and re-join to SmartThings.

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