Is anyone working on Leviton Vizia RF +?

I have standardized all my light switches, receptacles and scene controllers on z-wave Leviton Vizia RF +.  Is anyone working on getting these integrated into the hub?  If so, how can I help?


Both my Smart Things and some of the Leviton Switches are arriving this week, so will be trying to work this one out

Have you tried them so far and just not had any luck?


I felt kind of stupid when I messed with my GE switch for quite a while trying to get it connected, finally broke down and e-mailed support, and then figured out that I just had to turn the switch on while I searched for it.  But surely everyone isn’t as dumb as I am.  :-)

I have not had any luck to date @Gray.  But I am also not sure if it fully unpaired from Vera2.  I no longer see it on Vera but… that does not give me confidence.  Also only 1/3 of my GE light switches pairs properly with SmartThings hub.  I am still troubleshooting it but it is a slow process since I just can’t actually see into the communication/protocol to know what is going on.


@daniellucas did you have any luck connecting a Leviton light yet?


I have not yet installed a couple of test Leviton’s, but wanted to try soon. Yet, sounds like it might be a waste of time until more details are worked out.

I am “playing” with a few other Z-Wave outlets in the meantime, with generally no good results (except for simple control via a standard GE 45601 remote). The outlets sometimes pair (after a long wait) with the SmartHub, but do not consistently respond to commands (on, off, dim).

Perhaps this is something obvious like multi-mastering (with the GE Remote?); but I’ve attempted remove steps and not much luck.

Currently trying to line up distinct problems to raise to Support.

So far I have been able to 1 or my 27 leviton switches (VRS05-1LZ) paired successfully. The others just won’t pair, yet. Why? I dont know. I can get them to pair with Vera 2 and un-pair them but that is about it. I also cant seem to pair my GE wall socket outlets. This is a slow and painful process.

After the last update I have been able to connect and manage (mostly) the following Leviton Z-Wave products:

Dimmers (no dimmer control yet available):
VRI06-1LZ, VRI10-1LZ

Switches (Fully Functional):
VRS15-1LZ, VRS05-1LZ

4 Button Scene Controller with Single Pole Switch:

*This connects but is seen as a remote. If I change it to a switch on the IDE it still will not control the light switch. I have not tried to load in z-wave scenes. I also have not yet tried to connect the pure 4 button scene controllers which I have several (VRCS4-1LZ). It looks like a new device handler needs to be developed. I may try my hand at that but I am not really a programmer. So I will keep you all apprised of my efforts.

The GE plug in modules are huge and I wanted something smaller so I just bought the Leviton VRP03-1LW Vizia RF + 300W Scene Capable Plug-In Lamp Dimming Module and it paired right away will full on/on and dimming functionality. The Vizia has a really nice ramp up and down speed compared to the GEs out of the box.

@Dennis I am wondering whether you’ve had any luck with dimmer control on the VRI06-1LZ since your last post. I really like that this switch has on-the-wall dimmer control, which the GE dimmer switches don’t offer… Let me know, thanks !

@cstinner Here is what I have gotten to work properly today from Leviton.

These are now fully functional.

Dimmers: VRI10-1LZ/X*, VRI06-1LZ/X, VP00R-1LZ
Switches: VRS15-1LZ/X, VRS05-1LZ/X

With the improvesments on the UI they seem to all function as they have with other controllers.

What I have not been able to get to be controlled through SmartThings are the sceen controllers: VRCS4-1LX/Z which I have several or the single pole + sceen controller: VRCS4-MRZ

This is obviously dissappointing because I have thousands of dollars in hardware that still can’t be controlled.

*Note that the Z/X at the end of the part number mean both Z and X versions.

Include me as one of the disappointed when it comes to the Scene controllers. I just received

1 - Leviton VRCS4-M0Z Vizia RF + 4-Button Remote Scene Controller
4 - Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Micro Illuminator In-Wall Light Dimmer, G2

My hope was to control the kitchen, Bar, Patio and living room lights with my Harmony. The Leviton would allow me to do that with its built in IR receiver. Naturally I would also like to control it with SmartThigs but it will not work as Dennis explained above.

Is anyone working on or know of a Z wave equivalent to ->

Thank you for your reply @Dennis

I just ordered the VRI06-1LZ. I got this one as it is the only z-wave capable light dimmer switch I found with on-the-wall dimming control. I will report my experience using it with Smartthings here after I get it.

@sammytom were you able to get the VRCS4 working?

Has someone managed to create a Device Type for handling Leviton Scene Controllers with Switches?

I’m interested in hearing if anyone has as well. I have (3) four-button Leviton controllers in my house, and currently have to use them through a Vera box since they won’t work on Smartthings. I’d love to be able to get rid of the Vera completely. Those three controllers are the only things left that I couldn’t move over.

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I see that leviton is now a partner and support for the 4 button scene and zone controllers is the only thing that is holding me back from switching to a smartthings hub for my HA. Has this new partnership made any change in support for these?

Can someone help me out with some basic instructions, I got some leviton switches installed - the lights are on, whats next? Does the switch need to be in some kind of discoverable mode?

Need to search for the leviton device/model that matches, or any search will work?

I’m not able to discover it from the app…

Different Leviton switches have different ways to put them into inclusion mode. Check the instructions that came with the switches as to how to do so. If the instructions are lost, do you know what the model number is? Leviton has a very good website for technical data- just search the model number. The two button switches for example require you to hold down both buttons until they flash amber- then they are in inclusion mode and you can click the “Connect New Device” on the ST app. ST will automatically find it if the switch is in inclusion mode.

Thanks @jensed !

This is the model I installed a couple of;

I studied the heck out of this instruction sheet, it seems to only discuss programming the switch itself - I didn’t see anything about an inclusion mode/pairing/etc.