Use SSDP or another approach to locate HUB on the LAN?

I am working on an integration and want my device to be able to locate the Hub on the lan. I already have SSDP working for the Hub/SmartApp to find my device, but would like the device to be able to send updates back tot he update instead of relying on polling it. I know that this could be done via the cloud connected API but I am looking for lan based communications as an option. This all works if I hardcode the IP of the hub ion the device side. So far I have not had any luck getting the ST Hub to respond to SSDP M-Search requests - just wondering if anyone has any good ways to discover it dynamically?

Trying to do the same thing here, created windows devices that mimic remote button devices and controllers.
All works with static IP addresses, so I have just started to try ssdp.
Been checking out code and libraries for Arduino, you could try there.

just look up nic address and add it to dhcp static ip… then you will know where it is.