Discover Smartthings hub via SSDP?

does the Smartthings hub broadcast itself over SSDP? I have been able to discover the hub using mDNS, but not SSDP, which is strange because the ST hub can “Discover devices on the LAN via SSDP (mDNS/DNS-SD or Bonjour is not currently supported)”. I would have thought other devices would be able to discover the ST hub itself.

Just to be clear, I’m writing a NodeJS app and want to dynamically retrieve the SmartThings Hub IP address from the multicast packets. Does the Hub not broadcast itself over SSDP? If it does, is the a URN that can be used to find it? Or does the Hub only broadcast over mDNS/DNS-SD even though it can’t search for other devices in this manner?


I’ve also looked with various monitors, and I see no sign whatsoever of SmartThings hub SSDP advertisement. As you noted, it is advertising on itself via mDNS, however. It’s not exactly Bonjour compatible mDNS but I have found that the Watson bonjour package for node will find the hub readily. That particular package has the advantage of being implemented entirely in Javascript, rather than relying itself to a separate service running under the underlying OS (e.g. Bonjour or avahi). The package does have some problems in monitoring change notifications but discovery seems to be ok.

Thanks @BHO. I went down the same path. I used multicast-dns which seems to be pretty similar. I’m able to find the hub reliably with that package.

what is the SmartThings Hub hostname that you are using to search for it? I"m having troubles finding using mDNS

I’m using the following to find the hub: