Can I use SSDP discovery in a device handler or is it just for smart apps?

(Niv Gal Waizer) #1

I am trying to avoid using the IP and port for a lan music player.
I have a working device handler that controls the player over TCP, but want to improve on it and have it discover using SSDP.
But is this allowed for device handler?

(Dan) #2

The typical work flow for a Service Manager SmartApp is to have the app perform the SSDP discovery. It then should create and configure a child device, which then is exposed to other Apps, like any other device, using standard ST Capabilities.

(Dave Gutheinz) #3

Generally, you use a service manager to identify and connect to devices. It is not as difficult as you may think and can provide useful tools for device-device communications. I have written several in the following flavors:
a. ST Cloud directly to device (Samsung WiFi Speakers).
b. ST Cloud to Node.Js based hub (TP-Link Plugs and Bulbs) (currently not used, but I have code).
c. ST Cloud to Vendor Cloud (TP-Link Plugs and Bulbs).
These are all available on-line.

You post brings up some questions.

  1. What is the music player?

  2. Are you controlling directly from ST to the device or do you have a hub?

  3. If a hub, are you using node.js? (If so, I have some tools that may help).

  4. If you are not using a hub, is there a way I could see your working code for control over TCP? (TCP control via SmartThings has been an issue in the past and I would love to have this!)