Use Sonos playback to set Mode

I was using SmartThings and Webcore to use the status of my Sonos speakers in Webcore (eg “backyard switch is on”) so that I could change the color of some interior lights (to remind me that music is on outside) and change the mode that keeps the smartlock on the door from automatically locking (we go in and out a lot to keep up with the demands of our 2 year old son). It was working great!

The latest Sonos firmware update (thanks Google Assistant :confused: ) broke SmartThings/WebCore’s ability to work with Sonos. I read that Sonos decided to change the xml schema in the zone data, which prevents SmartThings from identifying groups and players properly.

Can anyone suggest a workaround to use the Sonos playback state as a trigger? Im open to any method.
(Thanks in advance!)

P.S. I asked Sonos if I could downgrade firmware and they replied:

“Thanks for reaching out. Once the Sonos speakers have been updated, an older version of the Sonos firmware cannot be re-installed. At this time we don’t provide support for SmartThings but we would recommend reaching out to the SmartThings community for suggestions. If there’s anything we can do to help with your Sonos setup, our team @ SonosSupport would be happy to help.”