How I solved my local processing problems

Even with local processing available from smartThings I still run into issue with my hue bulbs not turning on with motion. Some of that is because my motion sensors are still running in the cloud. Since I do like the Development environment of smartThings, I wasn’t completely ready to leave it. So what I did was purchase another hub called Hubitat. I then moved all of my devices to hubitat and put all of my critical items like lights on there since it is all local processing that also allows custom devices.

To maintain the webCoRE pistons I currently have, I used another app available from the hubitat community called Other Hub SmartThings Integration. This mirrors all of my devices from hubitat to smartThings as virtual devices. I then updated my pistons to use these virtual devices.

Right now Hubitat is working on Hue support so I setup a web server and wrote a motion app for hubitat which executes a shell script that then sends a call to the hue API. (I know kind of convoluted but it’s all written in languages I already know).

Since all of my devices are mirrored in ST, all of my more complex but non critical pistons still work. I was also able to sync modes with the use of a virtual dimmer.

I’ve seen others post about their work arounds, and mine by far is not the cheapest. However, since I already had a basic understanding of Groovy and could port many of my apps/device types over to hubitat, it was the easiest solution for me.

I hope this post sparks other ideas for people. I just wanted to share.

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