Use Phone location slider button won't stay set

I’m having a real pain with using phone location, basically the ‘Use Phone Location’ slider button in ‘Smarttings Settings’ won’t stay set, if I set it, exit the page and come back it’s unset. If I switch it on and off again without leaving the page I get the ‘Try Again Later’ message so guess the app can’t update something somewhere? I removed the Classic App just in case it was conflicting but no joy.

Location is switched on in the phone and Smartthings has location permission. I’m using the new app ver 1.2.45-28 on a Galaxy S8, Android 9.

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Hey there!

Have you tried checking to ensure the the classic application and the smartthings application is not being caught by any type of battery optimization or sleeping applications. I’d make sure that it wasn’t turning off your location or placing it as a sleeping application.

I would recommend clearing the cache of both apps and then re-opening.

Do you still experience the symptoms?

I’m having a similar issue with my Huawei Honor 9 and my wife’s iPhone.

On my Android, I can turn on the slider, but if I exit the setting and return in, the slider is off for half a second and then turns back on.