Pebble control

How, if at all, are people using the Pebble Smartwatch to control ST? I’m on android and am not seeing a clear cut option.

This is the closest I have found to allow me to control ST via my pebble. Played with it a while ago but haven’t for a while.

Pebble Tasker has worked perfect for me!


Here’s how I’m doing it:

I setup three virtual on/off tiles named Pebble1, Pebble2, and Pebble3. I have programs designed to to watch for one of those tiles to go on, which is a trigger to do something. One of them turns on a plug in my house. Another will unlock my side door (only if my car is home). The third will open or close my garage door.

Next I’ve exposed these devices via a Custom Rest Endpoint (see here:

Then you setup tasks in tasker to go out and hit those end points (see here: Scroll down to find part 1).

Then, as @andy said, use Pebble Tasker to setup button presses to run the tasks you setup.

Advanced Mode:
I use Glance as my default Pebble face. I’ve assigned the lower left button to call up PebbleTasker, which defaults to a face that has three options:

Audio ->
Call ->
SmartThings ->

Pressing the “Audio button” runs a tasker command that reassigns the buttons for:
Hitting one of these buttons will change the volume state of my phone and then return my watch to Glance.

Pressing the “Call” button rungs a tasker command that reassigns the buttons for three presets calls. Pressing any of these buttons makes my phone call the number I’ve setup.

Pressing the “SmartThings” button gives me access to those three virtual tiles, and then returns my watch to Glance.

The beauty here is that even though PebbleTakser is “limited” to three options (technically 5…we’ll touch on that in a moment), but setting up a ‘tree’ I’ve got nine options with just one extra button press. And this of course could be expanded to 27 options with an additional button press. For example, I could have it when I press the ‘SmartThings’ button it opens to a new menu that says: “Basement, Main Floor, Upper Floor” And then pressing one of those button gives me access to three devices on each floor… or more if I add another tree level.

Now, what about the ‘technically 5’ thing? Well, you can always assign a second task for the top and bottom buttons for a long press. What I’ve done is assigned long-press bottom to ‘return to Glance.’ Whatever menu I’m in in Pebble Tasker holding down the bottom returns me to Glance. I’ve assigned the long-press top to ‘return to main menu.’ If I’m in a submenu holding down the top button will put me back to the ‘main’ menu.

Thanks for the info all!

Pebble tasker works well, but I’ve found that autopebble takes it to the next level. I used it it build a series of menus several layers deep. I used a combination of the Rest endpont mentioned above along with IFTTT/SMS integration. It worked well until I wiped my phone and forgot to back up all my tasks.