Use of phone as a doorbell?

I have a button outside my door, i don’t want a siren or a door chime, but rather use push notification to phone when the “doorbell” button is pushed…
Is there a way (app for android or other) to set specific sound for just that type of notification? (to distinguish it from other push notifications)

Tasker/ AutoNotification/ SharpTools. Will do exactly what you want.


Keep in mind that your push notification is going to be dependent on the health of your home internet connection and whatever cloud services you are using. I have a sensor in my doorbell “dinger” to get phone notifications, best performance between physical press and notification I’ve seen is around 5 seconds, average is probably closer to 10, and I’ve seen several minute delays a few times.


Cheapest option

Use core or webcore to send a push notice on button press

Fancy option (smartthings not needed)

Install the hw and turn off the doorbell ring

It’s probably better to buy the Smartthings button now.