Button Press Detection Device

I would like to wire my doorbell to a SmartThings compatible device that can tested for a button press. My plan is to get rid of my 65 five old chime unit, tranformer, and the knob and tube wiring that power it. I have a couple of Mac Minis sitting around. I’m looking into using one to send audio to the intercom connections on my amplifier and to send notifications if I’m away from home. I would write a rule that would use the button press as a trigger and then create a device handler to talk to the Mac Mini. I would think there would be something like that out there. I just don’t know what search terms to use.

Here is your doorbell


Use ObyThing on your Mac.

There’s also this approach:

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@fightingmajor, I hoping to be able to use my existing doorbell button and low voltage wiring. @zj4x4, I read the door bell thread. There are a lot of approaches there to use the existing door bell chime. My plan is to gut the rest of the system. The 120 volt knob and tube wiring isn’t up to current code.

Ah right on then. With the other ways of using your existing set up and sticking a door sensor in the chime unit, you can still use obything to play the notification on your mac. Use notify me when to know when the door is rang to send you the notification on your phone.

use a Monoprice open/close sensor. The wires for the actual doorbell come up to the transformer area in your house. take down the doorbell take out the old transformer and the wires from the actual button wire to the two screw downs on the open close sensor. Then just associate it with what you want to to is ST and ur done.

Thanks @keltymd. That sounds like it will do the trick. In my case, there’s only a neutral and load at my transformer. The other leg of the switch wire is at the chime. Not a problem in my case as I was going to re-route it elsewhere.