Notification or trigger to a Android App

Hi guys,

I am looking for a way to integrate a sensor (motion or window/ door) to trigger an app on a Android Phone or Tablet.

The idea is to have a door bell sensor to trigger a app on my tablet, to play music (a type of notification sound), to inform me of someone being at the door, allow me to disable the door bell sound when I don’t want to be disturbed.

I don’t want to use notifications as they notify all users, and not just the one tablet.


Check out our IFTTT integration ( There are several Channels on IFTTT that center around notifications. As an Android user I love Pushbullet, but there are several options for iOS folks as well.

Depending on the sensor type you’ll be able to tell IFTTT to send you a push notification.

iOS Notifications

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@Tyler Just curious, is anything through IFTTT timely enough for a doorbell? My experience has shown that it is not.

To be honest I’ve seen a pretty wide range in response time from IFTTT. Sometimes I get instant notifications and sometimes it takes a few minutes depending on the channel. Weather notifications can take a few minutes, but other channels seem to have a quicker response time.

I just did 6 tests using Pushbullet on my Nexus 5 and the largest delay was 4 seconds. As a bonus, because I have Pushbullet installed on my laptop it’s providing me with notifications there as well.

Brilliant, this is truly genius.

Thanks for the help, and the timing is a good enough for me. I will try it out tomorrow.