US vs UK Fibaro Z-Wave Dimmer 2

Apart from the difference in frequency, is there a difference in the voltages that this device can handle?

Basically I am in Hong Kong, I have a US Samsung Hub V2 and an Echo. I am trying to figure out how I can piece all these together.

Echo integration is high on the priority - so that is why I bought the US hub (plus I have US Amazon account). But HK is operating on 240V. Can a US bought Fibaro dimmer 2 device link up with a 240V light supply whilst operating on a US frequency? This seems to be the only option using a 2-wire connection. I see Amazon is selling the US frequency device.

I downloaded the instruction from a US website (Home Control Inc) and compared it with the same instruction from Vesternet. The US site says the device can operate 120VAC (25-125W) vs 240VAC (50-250W). My LED lamp is 2x39W here on a 240V supply.

Any insights would be appreciated! Thanks.

One manual for the Dimmer regardless of location by the look of it:

Note the input voltage (110-240V ±10% 50/60Hz) and that the documentation lists all frequencies:

868,4 MHz EU;
908,4 MHz US;
921,4 MHz ANZ;
869,2 MHz RU;

So I presume, one just needs to pair it with the correct hub and frequency and it will be able to handle the higher voltage (240V) despite being a US bought product - because the frequency is hard-coded in the country it is bought but the voltage that it can handle is universal (110-240V).

Here’s the US manual:

In the above PDF the Specifications state that Power Supply: 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz, however, page 6 specifically talks about 120 VAC.

I’m more than sure it would work on 240 but I can’t guarantee it. Someone else may have a view on that but I’m guessing they manufacture the same units and simply change the frequency and associated power levels to meet local requirements.

Fibaro are a Polish company and all their manafacturing is still homed there, not sure how relevant that last statement is but it would make sense that the PSU in the unit would be common across the range.

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Hi Cedric,

I am in HK too and look for cheapest way to set up the light switch. I am using US ST hub 2.0 with my Echo show. There are lots of message threads on Xiamio, etc.
What is your set up? Any recommendation where to get these stuffs?


I am using the Schneider Electric Ulti Single/Double Gang for light switches.
I have 1 Fibaro dimmer which wasn’t working before but now seems to be functioning well.
No Xiaomi. I’ll PM you.