Smart Things v2 as Primary Controller & Fibaro Home Center 2 as Secondary Controller?


(Lester Chan) #1

Hi There,

I am a little new to HA. I just bought SmartThings Home Hub v2 from Amazon and since it is from US, it’s Z-Wave Frequency is US-based.

However, I am based in Singapore and is thinking of getting another hub, most probably it is Fibaro Home Center 2 to control the lights at my house which is based on Z-Wave EU frequency.

Despite both hubs are on different frequency, it is possible for them to be bridge?

As in I can add Fibaro Home Center 2 to my SmartThings Home Hub as a secondary controller and have my SmartThings control it, despite it being on different frequency?



Zwave devices must always be on the exact same frequency to talk to each other, whether they are controllers or end devices.

The zwave standard intends that only one frequency be used in a geographic region. The frequency is set at the time that the device is manufactured and cannot be changed afterwards.

In several countries it is illegal to use one of the other frequencies because it may overlap with emergency services or even mobile phones.

(Lester Chan) #3

I see, thank you =)