Fibaro 2 (212) vs Fibaro 1 (211) Dimmer

I am just starting with ST and looking at buying a dimmer for my lights.

After some research, it would appear that the new Fibaro 2 (212) dimmer has i) no new features, and ii) is not officially supported as “works with ST”.

Should I simply buy a Fibaro 1 (211), which is supported and appears to do exactly the same thing, or am I missing something in the future proofing?

I have a 2 wire switch, but understand that both will work with this.

Are you in the US or the UK?

The 212 was issued to meet with new safety standards required in some EU countries.

212 has several technical improvements over 211.

  1. zwave plus instead of classic zwave. So longer range, easier pairing.

  2. 212 has true power monitoring. This also allows it to report a burned out bulb.

  3. 212 has larger terminals, allowing for a wider choice of wire widths

  4. 212 has an LED indicator, 211 does not. The LED can be useful when installing it to verify that pairing has completed

  5. perhaps the most important feature for many people: the 212 can be used without a neutral wire, although the set up is a little complicated. The 211 requires three wire (neutral).

  6. The 211 has two advantages over the 212: it can handle a larger load (this was actually a problem under the new safety laws) and it is a slightly thinner device.

See the following thread for more discussion:


I have one of these working I UK, but cat get the dimmer fiction does not seem to work? Would be because I’m attached to a 2 way switch or that my lights are not dimmable