Connection problem with my hub and fibaro dimmer 2

I cant connect my fibaro dimmer 2 everybody say its so easy or fibaro products can easy to connect. But i cant than im start to thinging is my dimmer is wrong or my product is broken than i changed my dim a new one is same too. So im confused. I found fibaro dimmer 2 on new smartthings app but i cant connect it. Then i found device handler for dim and try on old smartthings app too but the stiuation is same again my hub and dim is so close my hub is in next room (about 2 meters) so i haven’t got range problem too. The other idea is frequancy some guys ask your hub and dim is have same electric frequancy main is yes both of them have eu one (50 hrz) finally i want to say when i looked events/listed events under the smartthings ide /hubs section i cant see any catchall or zibjoin or somathing diffrent signal it just have pings and z wave status /include search and than zwave status/ready thats it!

Im already thanks for your helps. And sorry about my English level i hope its ok for tell my problem :smile:

Are you using the SmartThings (Samsung connect) app or the SmartThings Classic app?

Actually im using both of the firstly i tryed connect one (new one) because in the new one have a Dimmer 2-Fibaro somathing like that and near that have add button so i started that one but i cant connect so i looked my problem on google and some one share device handler than i try that one but again im failed