US Smartthings Hub in France

I got a Smartthings Hub when I was in the US, I can’t figure out which version it is and I don’t know if it will work here in France. Could you give me information about Zigbee and all of that because I don’t get it, please? I ask because I’m about to create a smart home so I absolutely need to know
Thanks in advance

I think you have the wrong bandwith wersion for your country. An i also think using that bandwidth is probably illegal in france

Ok, but how do I check if a device will be usable in my region ?

Could be wrong, but my understanding is that it cant be activated outside its home region

True but if it is a US version, z-wave devices foebeu wont connect. Dont know if the same stands for zigbee

point being, is if ST will not activate the hub, nothing works

So, any Zigbee device won’t work in Europe ?

Zigbee uses the same frequency in every country, however if ST will not connect a US hub to a foreign ip address (and i’m not saying for sure they won’t) then even zigbee wont work. ST needs the cloud to operate

Ok ty, btw can ST’ scenes/automations be controlled by Google Assistant ?

Yes, Google does execute ST scenes

Ok, tysm !

Last question, the hub won’t work but will the accessories work with a hub from UK ?

Zwave devices wont work. They use different frequency

Did you buy a USA kit with hub and sensors? If so, the USA hub will not work in France, but the sensors will work with a UK or EU version of the hub.

Yes, I got the Hub with windows sensors, motion sensors, and smart outlet from the US

the outlet obviously won’t work in France, but the sensors will work fine with the EU ST hub

If the outlet is the zigbee version, it would work

I mean, yeah, minus not being able to plug it in physically and voltage being totally different

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Yeah, that’s for sure, but if the other sensors work it’s fine. Tysm !