US and UK hub on the same network

Just curious if there would be a problem.
Based in Hong Kong, currently using a US hub. It is often difficult to find 240V z-wave devices. I just want a UK hub to connect UK z-wave devices.

  1. any potential network config issues?
  2. can i disable zigbee on the UK hub (will use thr US main hub for Zigbee).

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


Ive got a similar situation and would like to know if firstly its possible to have to hubs @ a single location and if i do how it behave, can you manage each hub separately when adding devices? once added, will the devices show up on the app under a single instance? can your run routines across devices form the two separate hubs?

@cedrictang as far as im aware, there’s an option on the IDE under the hub then utilities to disable zwave module but no option disable the zigbee module.

haha. It has been 4 years since my original post. I still haven’t tried it. I was tempted to get a Vera so that I can use the UK / 240V stuff but I have almost been able to solve most of the problems with newer switches etc available in the market. I am still using the v2 US hub in Hong Kong with 240V.