UPNP vs Controller Shift

(Brian LHommedieu) #1

I have 2 vera’s that talk and control one another via UPNP. Vera has an add device process, where I can specify UPNP devices. Once discovered, and added, each can control the others devices / scenes.

Has anyone been able to get this type of communication working? I am not willing to make Vera secondary to ST Hub , as I have many devices not supported by Smart Things, and my Vera is working very well.

I do like the Smart Things community, IDE, etc, but need to maturity of vera.
If anything is available, please let me know.


(Matt) #2

I don’t mean to sidetrack your question, which I don’t really have an answer for but I would like to hear what devices you have that work with Vera but not with ST.

(Brian LHommedieu) #3


Sure, no problem. Besides personal attempts, here is what ST support tells me still will not work:

-Leviton VRCZ4-M0Z Vizia RF + 4-Button Remote Zone Controller
-Leviton VRCS2-MRZ Vizia RF + 2-Button Scene Controller with Switches for Multi-Location Scene Control, White/Ivory/Light Almond
-Leviton VRCZ4-MRX Vizia RF + 4-Button Zone Controller with Switch For Multi-Location Scene Control with Infrared Remote Capability, White/Ivory/Light
-Leviton VRCS4-M0Z Vizia RF + 4-Button Remote Scene Controller

I will say this - the Levitons were ALL challenging to configure. I did try the
ENERWAVE Z-Wave 7 Button Scene Controller ZWN-SC7 W/ Two Free Covers, White and it was very easy to connect on vera.

I really like the VRCS2-MRZ Vizia RF as it controls 2 loads locally, whereas I would need 2 Jasco switches in the gang to accomplish the same.

If ST released a switch that controls 2 loads locally, I would consider eating my investment in there Leviton devices.

I also welcome any results from ST users who have a 5000 SF, house, with 4 levels, and brick on all 4 sides. I had to install 2 vera’s due to the construction, signals would barely pass through the outside to control my outdoor devices. Vera makes it quite easy to allow multiple units to speak to each other, and split the devices, in my case, I split the house left and right, with AEON repeaters, and it works well.

Also, it still boggles my mind that I have an old X-10 motion flood light working for 15 years, and I cannot locate a single vendor who makes an outdoor motion zwave that hooks up to power. The battery units are too much trouble (batteries, false alarms, etc)

I also have ADT pulse. Very restricted, but their camera is powered by low voltage. Too bad I cannot pair to ST/Vera. I believe that is an OC-810. That would work as a powered outdoor motion.

There is also still a nagging skepticism in the back of my mind with this cloud only approach as I am sitting at home, and the internet goes out, not the power, and I cannot turn on my kids tv’s, I know, I could get up, move the furniture, and manually press the buttons, but if they ever got wind that it was that easy, all my efforts to make dinner / bed time more peaceful would be erased…Let’s not get into the parenting issue and asking why kids don’t just listen when expected… :smile: That’'s a question that will lead to divorce on the topic of parenting styles between spouses …

I may seem I am pushing Vera, I assure you I am not, it took me a full year tinkering a few hours a week, before it all just clicked to tie triggers, scenes and schedules. But it does work, I can create backups, store them locally, etc. ST is very easy to configure, and the support and community are great.

Their (vera) UI7 upgrade was a nightmare for me, as it will be for all power users, as the thought is UI7 is for fresh installs.

I will try the Staples connect from Dlink when it is released to check out the compatibility with my Leviton devices, as well as the Fibrao system when it become available in the states.

All that said, the company who can provide me a module I unpack, connect to my ADT panel, EASILY configure without ardino, etc, and have my proven and trusted adt system that monitors fire, CO2 and all hard wired sensors talking to each other, will have by business for sure.

(Mike Maxwell) #4

AEON multi’s have an internal USB port which can be used in lieu of the batteries…

(Matt) #5

Lots of good answers here. Thanks so much for sharing.

There is some work being done by the community on these see the following post

I actually have one of these and would really like to see it supported as well. There has been some talk of it.

As for your house size and the need for 2 Vera’s, there are numerous threads on here about this. I would image with a few strategically placed Z-Wave and/or Zigbee powered devices you could get by with 1 ST hub, but only testing would say for sure. You obviously know your setup and layout best.

(Brian LHommedieu) #6


Good point on the USB power option for the motion sensor, I will consider. I ordered a ZWN-RSM2 today, and will try it. I am installing a fan , an will use this in conduction with a standard cooper/leviton 2 switch (single gang) application. This will be with Vera, but can share results when it arrives. Thanks for the link on the levity 2 button controller, I will try that as well…Thanks again for the info…

(Brian LHommedieu) #7


Got my Relay, and it is working with Vera. I was not able to use a switch as a trigger UNTIL I modified its advanced property in vera to report its current state. By default, this device does not report its instant state. In vera, this was adding a configuration entry of 3 , a HEX value, and a value of 1. then, the relay instantly reported its state, and my trigger would then work, so when turning on my light, triggered a scene to start the fan, and turn it off in 30 minutes.