Moving to ST but keeping Vera for some discreet controls

I’m a 2 year Vera user with the most compelling reason keeping me from moving full on to ST is the integration of my Hunter Douglas (PowerRise 2.0 / Platinum App) blinds and shades. As this is using Telnet based LUUP it works well, I can read the status of blinds on the Vera app and run blinds outside of the predefined scenes.
I’m also using the Envisalink integration to my DSC alarm and read the motion sensors for some of my light scenes and use a Schlage lock. It’s fairly stable and does the basic job.

Having said that, Echo, IFTT, Rachio integration are very appealing and I picked up a ST hub to play around.

Now my m$ question is whether I can use the ST hub as the primary interface for myself and my family, move the zwave lights over to the ST hub and keep the Vera to be the scene controller for the Hunter Douglas blinds and potentially the DSC alarm?
Can I trigger actions from ST to Vera, read the status of motion sensors into ST?
Any pointers to how to set this up? I would not need to have ST and Vera control the same devices but really want to use both for where they have their strengths and bridge them together.

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I had the same issue after i moved to ST from Vera as I wanted to send individual commands to my harmony remote. I utilized the app Alexa helper to send a post command to the vera when a virtual switch is triggered within ST. I have not been able to get the state of sensors into ST, but you can place it as a secondary controller to ST being the primary. Hope that helps a bit.