Upgraded app problems with presence and a question

question when i log into smartthings on the web (groovy IDE) nothing looks updated IE new automations. is this web page outdated now as with the classic app?

my problem is the new app is not seeing when we leave or arrive all the time and not setting my alarm. It has only worked twice this week.

thank you in advance

The IDE does not have information on new integrations not written using Groovy UNLESS they specifically built something to use the old Groovy interfaces. So no, you will not see Automations for instance.

For dealing with your presence issue specifically - there’s a lot of bugs reported with newapp presence and more specifically dealing with the pre-condition filters for device status or location mode. So you’re not nuts.

If you’re trying to troubleshoot presence specifically either a - send push messages when a device arrives or departs or create simulated devices and use automation and/or WebCore to sync the newapp presence to the new simulated devices or - both…

I personally use webcore and just log all the arrival departures (Webcore: Log to Console function of the Location device) so I can review them later.


Thank you for post. I will use webcore. I do have it to push when it activates or turn off but not individual presence sensor. I will do that now too

Although there are some bits there of various ages of obsolescence, the IDE has actually had quite a few updates over the last couple of years in the bits that are still very much current. It operates within the legacy environment so you aren’t going to see much evidence of ‘modern’ apps, but there is still plenty that is current there.

However it works in the new app behind the scenes, in the IDE mobile presence looks just like any other device using a Groovy Device Handler so you can see if and when the presence and occupancy events occurred for the device by using List Events from the device page.

It is moot whether this tells you much that the new app History doesn’t as the events should appear there too. I just have more confidence in the IDE being diagnostic when something doesn’t appear.

I have my mobile presence visible in ActionTiles and I also have a virtual device set up to mirror presence and occupancy via webCoRE to to make it more visible in the mobile app. However, as I don’t use mobile presence for any automations (it isn’t really useful for me), that still didn’t prevent me not noticing that my mobile presence hadn’t updated since 3rd July until I looked this morning.

Things would be a lot easier if the mobile presence were to be implemented as a separate app so we could better keep an eye on what it is doing.

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I am trying to install webcore on the new app using the latest instructions. when I go to smartapps it is not listed and I see no custom area. can you advise please

It will only show in custom AFTER you’ve added all of the appropriate smartapps in the IDE and published them. In the location associated with your site you need to see in the My SmartApps section:
ady624 : webCoRE
ady624 : webCoRE Dashboard
ady624 : webCoRE Piston
ady624 : webCoRE Storage

Under the Status column for each it should say ‘published’

I was doing that but was having issues. I rebooted and revisit ide and it seems to be publishing now


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got it. thanks!!

Another snag.
I go into webcore settings and I add available devices. Then hit next. The next screen ask if I want to add available devices again. It’s a vicious cycle that it never gets added

So I checked it all backed out of the SmartThings app and closed out. It seems to add it. Right or wrong