Upgrade path for a Honeywell Thermostat

Currently I have an old Honeywell thermostat. I’m wondering how difficult would it be to upgrade the Thermostat? Are Thermostat largely interchangeable? Is there a reasonable/Cheap road map for me to go down which won’t involve swapping out my furnace.

currently My thermostat is a Honeywell Prestige IAQ HD Thermostat. https://customer.honeywell.com/en-US/Pages/Product.aspx?cat=HonECC+Catalog&pid=THX9421R5013/U

thanks E

The Prestige thermostats are on the upper end of thermostats in terms of features. The Prestige does not only consist of the thermostat. It includes a control module and a Redlink wireless gateway which provides for the advanced features.

I’m not sure if you can just swap the thermostat, as you may need to swap the control module and Redlink gateway as well, presuming that you want to go to a new Prestige IAQ.

You’d have to consult with an installer, but I would think you’d have to swap out the furnace. I’m pretty sure the controller will would with a wide variety of furnaces/hvac.

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