Honeywell CM927 replacement suggestions

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I’m fairly new to SmartThings having only really dabbled with X10 in the past, I’m therefore both keen and optimistic to see what is can do. One of the first questions I’m hoping someone might be able to point me in the direction with relates to heating. At present I have a 3 zone system controlled by 3 independent HoneyWell CM927 thermostats (these are not smart). One of the zones is used pretty infrequently and doesn’t warrant an upgrade to the likes of Tado or Nest (or anything else). It would be nice to be able to replace the current thermostat with something smarter that integrates with ST. So, my requirement is to be able to turn the stat on remotely (it’s normally off due to infrequent use of the zone) and to modify the temp.

Does anyone have suggestions for a relatively inexpensive solution that would allow me to remove the CM927 and replace it with something that could be controlled via ST?

Thanks all. Community looks great and has helped me hugely already!

Cheers, Paul

It really depends on what you’re looking for. A thermostat like Nest or ecobee are supposed to help you with the scheduling. What a thermostat with Z-Wave like the CT100 is more easily controlled by SmartThings, but you will need to do more of the setup.

Hi Jason, thanks for the response.

I don’t mind doing the setup. The zone in question is in a part of the house that has little use. It would be good for the missus to be able to turn on the heating when she wakes via ST (on the day’s she wants to use that bit of the house) so it’s warm enough to use after an hour or so.

Interesting review on linked here from

So the next question would be is there any reason why I can’t use a CT100 in the UK??? Does anyone have one working in the UK with ST?

Thanks again. Paul

I didn’t catch that you were in the UK, US and the UK have different zwave frequencies (as you may or may not know). I’m not sure off hand what thermostats are officially supported for the UK, if it were me I would contact and ask them what are officially integrated.

I read about the frequency difference about 5 minutes ago! I’ll check with ST support. Thanks Jason. P

No problem, I believe Zigbee is on the same frequency, so perhaps the fidure thermostat on the official list works over there, but I have no knowledge of it personally.

UK compatibility list

You’ve just explained why I’ve been looking at two notably different compatibility lists. I hadn’t seen the UK in the url. Thanks again.

Fro those picking this thread from a search and looking for a viable option have a look at this which I’ve just found:

This is an option to implement a Horseman stat (previously called Secure I think):

Need to do some more investigation before I pull the plug!

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