Best Thermostat to Purchase

I’ve been looking at different thermostats to purchase, I have a very old thermostat that has no timer or scheduling on it so I think I can get a lot of bang for the buck by upgrading.

I don’t think I want a Nest or the new Honeywell Wifi Smart Thermostat. I don’t want something to learn and change, because I don’t think my family has enough of a consistent pattern to make it worth while. I would rather control it and program it. I’m having a hard time deciding upon a Z-wave thermostat like the Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007 or like a Honeywell 7 Day Programmable Wi-Fi or TH8320WF1029 Honeywell.

I want the better thermostat, I’m not as super concern it integrates with the rest of the house because either I can hack it together with a custom SmartApp, and using local machine to expose functions to it or just use the built app for the thermostat.

I just want something to be very easy to use, and work well. Does anyone have any opinions?


I returned both my Honeywell WiFi thermos for the z-wave version, and I’m very pleased. They’re programmable, but as ST continues to improve on the app, more and more rules for how you can control these become available, you shouldn’t have to worry about programming.

Be sure to check out @twack and the device type he created for making a better device type:

Why did you go away from the Wifi version? Any reason in particular?

I want to move as many devices as possible under the management/control of just a couple apps, and ST has become my app of choice for most. I have 42 devices, and growing, so moving the thermos to ST was the right choice for me. Honeywell’s app worked well, but consolidating apps was my goal.

I’m basically down to 4 apps. I’m keeping my hardwired security system in place and using’s IP module, my cameras via Nightowl’s app, sprinkler via’s controller, and then ST. Since everything is IP, and API’s are available, they can all be integrated someday (I hope).

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I love my Nest, thanks to awesome work from @dianoga

It does have some latency as it has to poll for state info every 15 minutes or so, but I find that to rarely be noticeable (let alone an issue). If you issue a command via Smartthings, it sends that command to Nest instantaneously, but if you manually turn the thermostat on - it may take a few minutes for SmartThings to be aware of that.

On top of all that - it’s a beautiful device.

I put in two of the honeywell zwave therms and they have been bullet proof. With the hello home and automatic triggers, I use them more as night lights and clocks then a thermostat. Seriously…

Hi @johnconstantelo ,

Wanted to check with you to see if you ever got your Nightowl system integrated with ST?

ecobee3 hands down, much better IMO than nest

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Hi @Sean, no unfortunately. I haven’t even made an attempt at this point cause I’ve been working on too many other things.

I’ve had the Ecobee3 for about a week. I already ordered extra sensors to connect…I just love the thing. The peace of mind knowing it’s reacting to my hello home modes is great and my home is much more comfortable.