Updates to SmartThings Community

The whole post has grammatical errors and clearly hasn’t been proofread. In fact you don’t need to be Sherlock Homes to see that the same person (intern?) wrote these posts, get ready to make the switch, updates to smartthings community, changes to sms service, and is obviously not a natively born English speaker. Which only exacerbates the consequences of what they are trying to say. They seem thrown together with no collaboration, no thought, no understanding of the nuance of their audience or their message. Written in such a hodgepodge manner that it reflects their work on the new app, and now what they are engaging in with these on the fly forum design changes. Their insensitivity to their users (of the forum and the new app) is quite bewildering. Why don’t they test stuff before they release it?

Why JDRoberts is again apologising for Samsung I have no idea, to say that Samsung have employees that reach out, that care, we know, it’s a
tautology. But as an organisation do you really think that Samsung should be privately messaging a disabled user to ask them questions about getting Voiceover to work correctly on their app? If they were serious about accessibility they would hire somebody to do it, test it, then release it to the public, it’s not complicated.

This thread is clearly being read by @SmartThings, are they not responding because of the overwhelming negative feedback of their design choices? Hoping it will die down shortly? And the silence of @SamsungZell and @erickv on this thread is deafening. If you guys won’t take on board some of the feedback from this thread, insist on not testing behind closed doors, insist on not using focus groups etc etc there are plenty of official Google and Apple websites to get help making web pages user friendly, such as…




Increase text visibility

For each set of text within your app, the color contrast – or difference in perceived brightness between the color of the text and the color of the background behind the text – is recommended to be above a specific threshold. The exact threshold depends on the text’s font size and whether the text appears in bold:

  • If the text is smaller than 18pt, or if the text is bold and smaller than 14pt, the color contrast ratio should be at least 4.5:1.
  • For all other text, the color contrast ratio should be at least 3.0:1.

The following image shows two examples of text-to-background color contrast:

Pictures displaying text

Figure 1. Lower than recommended (left) and sufficient (right) color contrast

I hope this message finds you well!